Website Licence

Yes, all Extension Works products require your licence key to be activated.

The activation is also required for us to offer Support.

We will only SUPPORT the purchase of the extension on the URL which was provided for the installation and activation of the Extension Works licence key.

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A consecutive new website licence purchase is called an UPGRADE.

Firstly you need to have a current active licence. Expired licences do not qualify you for the UPGRADE discounted rate.

To UPGRADE your Licence key go to the product which you purchased, go to the area where is says: UPGRADE, enter your activation email and your licence key and purchase an UPGRADE.

More information can be found here: UPGRADE

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Yes, you can transfer your licence over to another person.

Please contact Extension Works with this information, the new person's: Email address, First Name, Last Name, Address and Phone Number.

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The Website Licence includes 1 year of activation, Updates and Support.

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The Licence is valid for 1 year.

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Upon purchase of a product at Extension Works, you purchase a Single Website licence.
The Single Website Licence includes 1 year of Activation, Updates (Automatic Updates via your WordPress admin area) and Support. After the 1 year period, your Single Website Licence will expire, the product or products purchased will not be activated, you will have no download access for the product/products from your Extension Works Account Dashboard and you will have no updates available via the WordPress admin area.

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Your purchase is not a Subscription.

You will be charged immediately for your product and then an ongoing yearly Upgrade price.

Here's an example of a typical customer purchase;

WooCommerce US Postal plugin, $69 - this was charged today
UPGRADE- $29 - will need to be purchased before the licence key expires.

This is not a automatic recurring payment (Subscription), you will need to purchase the Upgrade via Extension Works.

Extension Works will send email Licence Key notifications, and this will allow you to come back and purchase the Upgrade before your licence key expires.

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Please reach out to Extension Works. Contact

Can you please provide your IP address, and we can reset your block.

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To open a Support ticket, you must firstly be logged into your Extension Works account.

Your account is verified once you are logged into Extension Works, this allows you to submit a Support request.

Only verified users can open Support tickets.

Then visit here:SUPPORTand submit a request.

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The hours of Support are Monday-Friday between 9.00am-5.00pm (AEST) (GMT +10) Australia.

We do have developers that work for us remotely in China and the United States, they do, sometimes offer Support outside of our business hours.

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Under the terms of Support we must be granted administration access to the Website, and if required, access via FTP in which our product was installed.
The reason we may request ( administration access to the Website, and if required, access via FTP ) is for isolated errors pertaining to individual situations. Not all troubleshooting can be performed through the Website administration, and we may need to make changes that may effect the website administration area and render it inaccessible, therefore FTP access is a requirment.
If a customer deny’s access to the Website in which our Product was installed we can not offer any Support, therefore any claims to our Product “not working” will be deemed null and void.
If The Client’s website has technical coding, defects, damage or hosting problems not caused by Extension Works; Extension Works will not be able to offer Support or fix the Client’s Website.

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Determining whether the product will suit your needs before you purchase our plugin is recommended. We are well versed on the features and functions of our products, and, are happy to answer any questions.

If you have any questions about whether a product will work for your needs, please contact us ahead of time. You can submit a pre-sales question to: Contact

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Given the digital nature of the goods and immediate delivery of the product, refunds are typically not provided. If installation of the product produces errors on your server, we will make all efforts to correct the errors in a reasonable amount of time or if the change cannot be made to the extension, will provide basic direction as to what server settings may need to be changed.
When you purchase any of our product's, it is not based on a trial period.
Extension Works stands behind all of our products and we will resolve any faults or imperfections found in any of our products. This we can guarantee.

Under no circumstances will a Refund be issued 30 days after your purchase date.


Clauses 1.0 and 1.1 can be found here: T&C's
If a refund is requested, an evaluation is required to establish whether the product purchased has been configured and installed correctly.
A 1.0 SUPPORT request submitted by the the customer is mandatory, under no circumstances will a refund request be granted without a thorough evaluation from a member of SUPPORT at Extension Works,
All 1.1 TERMS OF SUPPORT must be adhered to.

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Sometimes you may encounter the following message.

Your Extension Works plugin requires Framework, please active or install it

This is referring to an additional plugin that is required to make your purchased plugin work. You have nothing to fear, you haven't forgotten to add in anything extra.

If you have already activated your purchased plugin, (example) i.e. US Postal Service shipping plugin, then you should see a notification in your WordPress admin area to either download or activate it. If you haven't downloaded the plugin, then please go ahead and click the link to download and follow the on screen prompts to activate - as you would a standard WordPress plugin.

You can find the link to install the Extension Works Framework in the WordPress admin area under 'Plugins'


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“A feature of WordPress 3.0 and later versions that allows multiple virtual sites to share a single WordPress installation.”

This means that by installing WordPress just once on your server, you can run as many sites as you want, and I really mean as many as you want.

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Unfortunately, we do not offer trial versions of our products.

Due to the digital nature of our product, a trial would offer all of the source code.

Most of our plugins are for payments and shipping and you really can't offer a trial version without offering all of the source code.

We do stand behind our products 100% and if any faults are found in our products they will be rectified by our developers.

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