WooCommerce, Jigoshop new Canada Post Options.

We have been very busy during the months of March and early April, we have added some really great new features into our Canada Post extensions.

We have added an Unpacked Option: This can be enabled or disabled.

This will allow you to retrieve rates based on your products not being packed into boxes.

Options for Canada Post:

  • Signature
  • Coverage
  • COD
  • Proof of age required- 18
  • Proof of age required- 19
  • Card for Pick Up
  • Do not safe drop
  • Leave at door – Do not Card

You can also add an:

Amount for Coverage: coverage (liability coverage)
A service offered by Canada Post that provides compensation for the loss, mishandling or damage of a mailable item.

You can select how the options will be displayed on the Cart / Checkout Page.

Canada Post Options

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