JigoShop Pin Payments

To use the JigoShop Pin Payments Gateway you will need to have an active account with Pin Payments.


You can create a account here: https://pin.net.au

JigoShp Pin Payments offers the following:

  1. Secure Credit Card Storage, Store your customers’ details for use with future payments and recurring subscriptions.
  2. Multi-Currency Included, Sell to the world in USD and AUD
  3. Works With Your Bank Account, Your sales proceeds are deposited to any Australian bank account, no merchant account required.
  4. Customers pay with their credit cards, without leaving your site.
  5. Funds from your sales are automatically sent to your bank.


SSL certificate is required for all API calls.


Your account has two types of keys:

  1. publishable
  2. secret

You can find your keys on the account settings page of the dashboard at Pin Payments.

Your secret key can be used with all of the API, and must be kept secure and secret at all times. You use your secret key from your server to create charges and refunds.

Your publishable key can be used from insecure locations (such as browsers or mobile apps) to create cards with the cards API. This is the key you use with Pin.js to create secure payment forms in the browser.

Not tested on multisite installations, not recommended for Multisite Server Installation.

Compatible up to JigoShop Version 1.17.3
Requires Wordpress 3.8, Tested up to Wordpress 4.2.2

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Accept online payments using our JigoShop Pin Payments extension.

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