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$29.00 / year and a $40.00 Initial Cost

Data is so important for any online store, using our WooCommerce Segment.io extension you will never have to worry about missing out on any vital customer information again.

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  • To use this extension you will need to have an account with: https://segment.io
  • The Segment.io API Key
  • The Segment.io Secret Key

This is the best WooCommerce Segment.io extension there is in the market place. And this statement comes from our customers that have purchased this extension elsewhere and it did not work. Our's work brilliantly.


The WooCommerce segment.io extension offers real time analytics from your Website.

Learn how your customers interact with your Company.  Engage with your customers and make that point of difference.  You will be surprised just how powerful this tool can be.


  • Segment.io is a simple analytics API that transforms business analytics data and routes it to other analytics services, such as Google Analytics, Customer.io, Mixpanel, KissMetrics, Olark, Salesforce, etc.

With this extension you can:

  • Send out follow up emails after your customers make a purchase from your store.
  • Send out an email if you have an abandoned Shopping Cart, entice the customer back with an email and explain what they are missing out on.
  • See what pages or products are being visited the most, in real time
  • If your customers create a user accounts then all the information is generated in Customer.io, so keeping in touch with your customers is an email away
  • You can also create a series of follow up emails in one area using Customer.io

Our Mission

  • Save developer time
  • Teach businesses how to use analytics
  • Help businesses quickly install the analytics services they need
  • Make analytics integrations faster and safer

Segment.io offers a radically detailed approach to analysing the analytics on your website.

From page views, cart views, cart abandonments, searched products and search terms, you can now see what your customers are doing.

The simplicity of event tracking and performance increases using Segment.io are nothing short of impressive.

Real-Time Analytics
Running a one-day sale or advertising campaign and want to see how your customers are using your site? Use the built-in Stream view to see activity on your site in real-time.

Segment.io loads everything asynchronously, so it won't affect your page load speed.

Then on your integrations page, just toggle on each analytics service you want to use!
If you're using analytics.js on it's own, you'll need to initialize the library yourself with all of the providers you'd like to turn on. To do that, checkout the initialize method.


Identify is how you tie a specific user and their actions to a recognizable ID. It also lets you record traits about the user like Email, Name, Account Type, Age, etc.
Not all analytics services record the identity of the user, but we'll make sure that we send it to every service that does.

User ID

You're always going to identify the user by a consistent, specific User ID. The User ID you use should be the same ID you recognize the user by in your database. This guarantees that even if they change their email, you'll still recognize them as the same user.
WooCommerce Segment.io

Here are some of the integrations available at Segment.io


Here is some of the information you can collect using Customer.io

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 1.00.42 PM

View your customers Profile in Customer.io


Not tested on multisite installations, not recommended for Multisite Server Installation.

Requires WooCommerce 2.0 or above. Compatible up to WooCommerce Version 3.3.X
Requires WordPress 3.5, Tested up to WordPress 4.9.X


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