WooCommerce Toll Ipec or WooCommerce Table Rate shipping plugin.

$29.00 / year and a $40.00 sign-up fee


  • Website set up for local Australia wide shipping only
  • Website set up to process Australian Dollars
  • Website set up with Australia as the base country
  • Dimensions and weight units set up as centimetres and kilograms

This plugin can be used with any other Australian Shipping plugins that we have created.

The Base Price and Price Per KG need to be added manually into the Toll Ipec/ Table Rate admin area. These units ( Base Price and Price Per KG )need to be supplied from Toll Ipec/ eParcel, a Toll Ipec /eParcel account is a requirement.

You can also use this plugin like a table rate shipping plugin for local Australian shipping, just add in your base price per region.

You can also set up a weight limit, lets's say you are using our WooCommerce Australia Post plugin and the maximum weight Australia Post will ship is 22kg.
In the Toll Ipec/ Table rate/ eParcel admin area, you can enter 22 kg, this would mean that anything under 22 kg, the Toll Ipec/ Table rate/ eParcel shipping quote will not be offered at the checkout. Shipping quotes will only be offered if the total weight of the shipment is over 22kg.

This plugin could also be used to offer Australia Post eParcel rates onto your website.


  • You can set up a maximum weight for the plugin, no shipping rates will be offered if the shipment does not fit into the maximum weight criteria.
  • The ability to set up a Mark Up and Fuel Surcharge.
  • Add in your Toll Ipec/eParcel base rate
  • Add in your Toll Ipec /eParcel rate per kg


Compatible up to WooCommerce Version 2.6.XX
Requires at least: 3.5, Tested up to Wordpress 4.7.X

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Product Description

Offer Toll Ipec/ Table rate pricing in your WooCommerce store.

All the terms for the Subscription can be found here: Subscription FAQ’s