WP eCommerce Australia Post Shipping Extension



  • Australia Post requires you to be using Australian dollars
  • Using Australia as your base country
  • Dimensions and Weight units set to CM and KG

The Australia Post Shipping Method is for standard calculations only via the API, and does not support “Prepaid Parcel Post satchels” and their bulk discounts.


Australia Post is Australia’s largest delivery network — with this plugin you can utilise their API to get live shipping rates for your customers based on their location and their cart content’s weight and dimensions.

To ensure the accuracy when returning a rate from the Australia Post API it requires, the shipping country, state and Post code/Zip code.

The features of the extension are:

  • This plugin offers a number of shipping methods for both International Shipping and Domestic shipping.
  • You can choose specific shipping Services's to display at the checkout.
  • You can create Custom boxes to suit the size of your products.
  • Using your custom box, you can define the number of items you would like to pack into the custom box and also the maximum weight.
  • You can add a handling fee.
  • Set a fallback rate, if the Australia Post APi ever goes down, your customers will always be presented with a price.
  • You can re-name the shipping service title's to suit your Website.
  • The product dimensions and weight will be used to pack your items into your Custom Boxes or the pre-defined boxes, once a box has reached it's full capacity (using the dimensions and weight of your
    products), another box will be added. A Box Packing Algorithm.
  • You can set up as many Customised Boxes as you need to. There is no limit.
  • You can define which rates to display on the Checkout Page. Cheapest / Highest / All

All of our Extensions are developed and Supported by Extension Works, there are no 3rd party developers involved. This will ensure that your request's if any, are handled by Extensions Works in a timely and prompt manner. This we can guarantee.

This extension can calculate and return the rates for the following Services:


Parcel Post
Registered Post with Delivery Confirmation
Express Post
Express Post Platinum Parcel
Australia Post Satchel
Courier Post
Courier Post Assessed Medium Satchel
Parcel Post Small (500g) Satchel
Parcel Post Small (500g) Satchel with Signature on Delivery
Parcel Post Medium (3Kg) Satchel
Parcel Post Medium (3Kg) Satchel with Signature on Delivery
Parcel Post Large (5Kg) Satchel
Parcel Post Large (5Kg) Satchel with Signature on Delivery
Express Post Small (500g) Satchel
Express Post Small (500g) Satchel with Signature on Delivery
Express Post Medium (3Kg) Satchel
Express Post Medium (3Kg) Satchel with Signature on Delivery
Express Post Large (5Kg) Satchel
Express Post Large (5Kg) Satchel with Signature on Delivery


Express Courier International Merchandise
Express Courier International Documents
Express Post International
Registered Post International
Pack and Track International',
Air Mail
Sea Mail

WP e Commerce Austral Post
WP eCommerce Australia Post

Extensions tested on a Single Site Installation, multisite installations not recommended.

Wordpress:Requires at least: 3.1

Wordpress:Tested up to: 4.1.3

WP eCommerce:Stable tag: 3.9.1

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Offer Australia Post Shipping rates using our Premium WP eCommerce Australia Post Shipping Extension and the Australia Post API.

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