Our team hard at work with the Development of Cubica 3 D bin Packaging

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This all started with the development of our Shipping Extensions.

We were constantly trying to work out the best possible solution for packing boxes in an online environment.  So, we set out to come up with the correct algorithm to do just that.

Our method of packing will change how your items are packed in an online world. Cubica will work just like our hands, placing items into a box, moving the items just so that not a ounce of space is left free.

Cubica will twist, turn, rotate, flip all the items added into your Shopping cart on your Website and place into your custom box.

3 D Bin Packaging is available and used by some of the Larger Shipping Companies, Toll Ipec is one of them, but never before has it been available to Developers to integrate this method into there e-commerce online stores.



Cubica will work with all of our Shipping Extensions.  No integration needed.

Cubica will sit in the cloud and will work using our own API.

We are excited about this product and we hope you will be to.

The home page is staged , setting up the environment and configuration is what we are up to right now.

Go to www.cubica.io for a peek.