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  • New feature for our WooCommerce extensions

    Would you like to reward or give your customers incentive to spend more money in your online store?   We have added a new feature to our WooCommerce shipping extensions,  called ‘Order Limit’. We have allowed you to set up a dollar ( ORDER ) amount in the admin area of our extension. When the…


  • Free WooCommerce UPS label printing and tracking code extension

    If anyone is interested in a free WooCommerce UPS Label Printing and Tracking Code extension please send us a enquiry via our contact page. Thank you Extension Works We have received an abundance of replies to this invitation. We have had to close off this offer. Thank you to all the people that enquired, enjoy…


  • All of the best WooCommerce Extensions

    We are happy to announce that all of our WooCommerce extensions have been updated and are compatible with WooCommerce 2.1. We have also allowed for backwards compatibility, meaning, that customers (existing customers and new customers) that have not updated to WooCommerce 2.1 can still use all of our WooCommerce extensions. Next on the agenda is…