Refund Policy Full


*This page is a continuation of our Terms and Conditions of sale.

At ExtensionWorks our goal is to provide the best outcome for any customer, we will endeavour to deliver the best user experience we possibly can, we know that sometimes we will not meet everyone’s expectations and for that we are very sorry.   If you’re unhappy with our product/service, please open a support ticket and raise a refund request in under 30 days with a full explanation of what has occurred. This helps us pinpoint where you got stuck so we can help you out with it.  

A few scenario’s that we have been keeping a close eye on:

  • We have noted a rise in customers purchasing plugins, downloading the plugin/plugins and then asking for a refund without really providing any detail as to why they are requesting a refund.
  • We have also caught customers providing bogus names and email address, this is intensionally stealing.
  • Or a developer will ask their client to purchase a plugin, download the plugin/plugins and then ask the customer to ask for a refund.
  • Or a person (usually a website developer) will purchase a plugin using their customers Credit Card (they may have permission to use their Credit Card for website related purchases), the website developers customer will then dispute the charge with their bank as fraud or a not known purchase and a chargeback is initiated.  

We really do not like writing such negative information although this is costing our team at ExtensionWorks valuable time and also money.

*A chargeback cost for ExtensionWorks can range from $95.00 – $165 AUD or more for chargeback resolution fees. Not to mention the time to investigate what has happened and provide as much order information to the bank.

We know there are genuine customers who really would like to use our plugins and our plugins provide great benefit to their small to medium business’s.  


Disputes, Claims, Chargeback, and Conflict

In case, if you have decided to file a claim with your credit card company(Bank) or Paypal, you will not be granted a refund of your purchase amount under any circumstances and you will be banned from purchasing ExtensionWorks plugins in the future as well.

It is also to inform you that filing for these claims is time-consuming, expensive, and involves an unnecessary process for all parties involved.

As an established brand, we maintain all our member’s activities and thereby we submit all information to our payment gateways and/or credit card companies. ExtensionWorks is often able to successfully win these claims and your reputation with the bank is lost and your credit card rating is tarnished with your credit card provider and other gateway providers.


Let’s all try not to indulge in these unfavorable situations. We believe that our policies are reasonable as we offer a clear and sensible path to seek advice and support for all our plugins.


*As noted above (in bold text) the cost to ExtensionWorks for a chargeback, ExtensionWorks will endeavour to recoup the cost by invoicing the person for the total amount of the chargeback resolution fees ExtensionWorks would be charged for a chargeback.   

Refund submissions that do not qualify for a refund

No refund request will be entertained for these conditions:

  1. The product doesn’t have the features you needed, we will not be able to refund the amount. So please make sure to read the product features on the product page clearly before purchasing. Or ask some presale questions before purchasing.
  2. Product is purchased mistakenly.
  3. Found the plugin hard to set up. In this case, we won’t refund the amount although we can provide assistance in helping you set up the plugin.
  4. Purchased multiple licenses but used only a few and asked for a refund for the unused ones. Please make sure to purchase the number of licenses you really need.
  5. Product incompatibility with any third-party products(extension, addons, plugins etc.)
  6. You don’t need the purchased product after downloading it.
  7. The purchased extension did not meet your expectations.
  8. Users simply changed their mind.
  9. Don’t have the required level of expertise to use the purchased product.
  10. Any issues related to designing occurs.
  11. A license activation issue occurs due to your server configuration. (Requires heavy investigation to establish server configuration functions)
  12. User asks for goodwill.


Non tech savy business owners, please do not provide permission for your website developer to use your credit card under any circumstances, this causes much grief to all parties involved.