Customers are very impressed with the Support we offer. We cannot offer Support for plugins not purchased from us

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Over the last six months l have taken a real interest in how we manage and interact with our customers.

We have people coming to our Support forum all the time and they are not necessarily all our customers.

Taken from a request in our support desk.


This customer states that the person who they purchased the Woocommerce/Canada Post Extension from takes 4-5 days before they receive a reply. I wont mention any names here.

That is unacceptable, how can someone trying to set up there online store be expected to wait 4-5 days to receive a reply.I understand their frustration and sometimes we get some pretty angry people.

Unfortunately, we can not offer Support for the extensions we have not developed or sold to these customers. I have to pass on this information and sometimes they become quite angry at us (Extension Works)

I would like to put out there that we are not the source of your anger and you really need to think about where you are purchasing your extensions from.

I can safely say that most of our customers are contacted in the first hour after they have submitted a ticket.

Here are some of the results from Zendesk our ticketing System.

Blue is our Zendesk / Yellow is Industry standards.


Time to First Reply


We will continue to offer great support and we will do the very best we can to help you get started with your new store.