Fastway AU, NZ, Ireland (FastLabel 1) to be retired in 2021

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Fastway are now known as Aramex.

It was bought to our attention that the Fastway AU, NZ and Ireland API, which is called FastLabel 1 was to be retired early 2021, well we are now at the end of 2021, December infact and it appears the FastLabel 1 API is still operational.

We have finished building the WooCommerce myFastway shipping plugin, which uses the FastLabel 2 API.

Aramex have ditched the pre paid label system and have opted for a more pay as you need system, allowing you to pay for shipping via their website.

The plugin can be found here:

Unfortunately the plugin has some strict settings that need to be used for the best performance. Please read the ‘System Requirements’ and make sure you are happy to use these settings.