How to set up your WooCommerce Store.

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How to set up your WooCommerce store.

I have put together a very basic plan that will help you mentally visualize the requirements needed.

This is geared more for our Shipping Extensions and this information will help you put together your products using WooCommerce and our Extensionworks shipping Extensions.

With a little ground planning, things will fall into place once you have your basic structure.

First of all you need to start with your products.

Create a table using word or write a list. Use what you are most comfortable using

Next, go through and workout what your Product Categories will be.

  • You can also start compiling all the products Attributes.
  • Then you can go through and add your product weight.
  • Next start putting together your product dimensions. Take into account if your product has variations you will need to be able to add this into the product area.

Products= Black
Categories= Red

Tea Ground Coffee Chai Tea Coffee Beans
Green tea

100g packet: $5.00
Weight: 101g
L10xW4xH15cm200g packet:
$10.00 weight:201g
Chocolate infused coffee
500 g box:
Weight:500 g
dimensions:L10xW4xH15cm1kg: 25.00
Weight:1 kg
Indian inspired chai tea
100g Sachet:
$4.00weight: 30g

L5xW1xH15cm200g sachet: $8.00
weight: 60g
dimensions: L7xW3xH15cm
Chocolate infused coffee beans
Black tea
1 x 200g packet:
L11xW5xH11cm1 kg packet:
weight: 500g
Black indulgent Coffee Lilly Pilly chai tea Black indulgent Coffee beans
Lemon and orange detox tea Natural enhanced Antioxidant Coffee Mild Chai tea Natural Enhanced Antioxidant Coffee

If you are using a Theme you really need to take into account how the product Categories are populated.
Where will the Product Catergories sit on your products pages?
If you have a product with a lot of categories, then you need to take this into account with the design layout.

So now we can start entering the product information.

  • I created a product called Green Tea.
  • I added a product Category: Tea. I assigned it to the product Categories: Tea

With the information we have put together above ( the table), the process is really now quite simple, just time consuming.

This product will have Variations, so l need to choose that option.

WooCommerce Extensions


We now need to create a Product Attribute.

Adding the Attributes:

  • Click the Attributes tab
  • Click the add button
  • Add the Attributes separated by the | pipe.

WooCommerce Extensions

Now we need to create the Product Variations.

Click on the Variations tab:

  • First select from one of the Attributes you just created. Example: 100g Packet
  • Enter the SKU
  • Tick the option: Enabled
  • ¬†Stock Qty: Add how many products you have in stock
  • Add the Price / Add a Sale price if Applicable
  • Add the weight
  • Add the Dimensions
  • Select the Shipping Class
  • Select the tax class

WooCommerce Extensions
Lets go to the front end of your Store. And take a look.

WooCommerce Extensions

Now we have set up 1 product with all the information we had put together in the beginning.

And so, the journey begins and you are one step closer to selling online.