WooCommerce Commonwealth Bank payment gateway.

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We sell the payment gateway which connects your WooCommerce store to the MasterCard payment gateway. Yes, MasterCard is the payment gateway processing plant which handles the online transactions.

The Commonwealth Bank is offering two types of profiles for a CommWeb Merchant account. The Commonwealth Bank are also referring to these as protocols. These two protocols are current and valid.

The protocols are:

1, MIGS – Merchant admin URL will look like this: https://migs.mastercard.com.au/ma/CBA

2, MPGS, CommWeb 2.0 or WSAPI – Merchant admin URL will look like this: https://paymentgateway.commbank.com.au/ma

When purchasing a plugin to process your payments for the Commonwealth Bank please select the correct plugin to use for your Merchant account. The Commonwealth Bank merchant account credentials ( provided to you ) for the two different protocols are different for each protocol. If your merchant account has been set up with a protocol for MPGS and you purchase the plugin for the MIGS protocol then you will not be able to use the plugin.

We have tried our very best to explain this in our product description, unfortunately we have noticed that customers are still unclear on which plugin to purchase.

Whether the Commonwealth Bank is using different terminology when explaining the different protocols, we are not sure, we are going to keep asking questions so that we can find the best possible resolution in helping our customers purchase the correct payment gateway plugin.

You can purchase the WooCommerce Commonwealth Bank plugins here:

Protocol : MIGS


Protocol: MPGS