Shipping Installation and Configuration Service


We offer a service where we install, set up and configure our shipping plugins.


1, Installation of the product, in your environment, activation of the ExtensionWorks Licence.
2, Engage with you, after the purchase, we can do this via our Support area ( email ticket related ) or Phone call, to discuss your shipping requirements.
The questions we will ask you are:

  • What packing method are you considering using?
  • Where would you like to ship to? Local and International?
  • Do you have a list of custom boxes you would like us to add into the plugin?
  • Do you require any Shipping Service Mark ups or handling fees?
  • Do all your products have dimensions and weight set up?
  • What is the origin Post Code / Zip Code, Franchise ( depending on the product )
  • Set up Ship Via feature if you are using two Extension Works plugins on your website

3, Configure the product. Add your shipping account credentials.
4, Perform a set of shipping tests.

After you purchase this product we will reach out to you.
ExtensionWorks will open a Support ticket for you (our support area is a encrypted environment) and request the required information to set up the shipping plugin.
We will request WordPress login credentials where our product is to be installed and configured. ( Your website ), we may also request FTP access if required.

*Service only, does not include the product in this purchase, you will need to purchase the product required as well.

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