WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Plugin

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Provide Real Time Shipping rates using the WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Plugin and the Canada Post API.

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  • Canada Post requires you to be using Canadian dollars (CAD)
  • Set up Origin Post Code as Canada, also Supports multiple origin Post Codes (Drop Shipping)
  • Requires a Canada Post Account


  • fsockopen/ cURL enabled
  • Simple XML Support


Need to print off Canada Post shipping labels?

You can do this with our Canada Post Label printing plugin.



The Canada Post Shipping Module is a great way to extend your customers shopping experience to include a very sophisticated shipping service. This shipping extension uses the product’s weight and dimensions to calculate the most accurate rates possible using Canada Post’s Sell-Online (http://sellonline.canadapost.ca).

To ensure the accuracy when returning a rate from the Canada Post API it requires, the shipping country, state and Post code/Zip code.

New Feature

Allow certain WooCommerce products to offer Canada Post shipping rates only.
If you are using another Extension Works shipping plugin with Canada Post, for instance FedEx, you may wish to send certain products with Canada Post and others with FedEx.
You can assign which shipping company will ship certain products.
Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 11.20.57 am
*Only compatible with Extension Works shipping plugins.


  • This plugin offers a number of shipping methods for both International Shipping and Domestic shipping.
  • You can choose specific shipping Services’s to display at the checkout.
  • You can create Custom boxes to suit the size of your products.
  • Using your custom box, you can define the number of items you would like to pack into the custom box by setting up a maximum weight.
  • You can add a handling fee or add a discount to the Shipping cost.
  • Set a fallback rate, if the Canada Post APi ever goes down, your customers will always be presented with a price.
  • You can re-name the shipping service title’s to suit your Website.
  • The product dimensions and weight will be used to pack your items into your Custom Boxes or the pre-defined boxes, once a box has reached it’s full capacity (using the dimensions and weight of your
    products), another box will be added. A Box Packaging Algorithm.
  • You can set up as many Customised Boxes as you need to. There is no limit.
  • Select which shipping rates to display at the checkout. Cheapest / Highest / All
  • You can ship with Weight Only- Regular sized items are grouped and quoted by weight only: Product dimensions are still taken into consideration. Not recommended if your products have irregular dimensions or have very large dimensions where dimensional weight will be used to determine the shipping price.
  • We have added a new feature to our WooCommerce shipping extensions, called ‘Order Limit’.We have allowed you to set up a dollar ( ORDER ) amount in the admin area of our extension. When the dollar ( ORDER ) amount is reached in the cart, the ‘Free Shipping’ feature will be available for your customers.

All of our Extensions are developed and Supported by Extension Works, there are no 3rd party developers involved. This will ensure that your request’s if any, are handled by Extensions Works in a timely and prompt manner. This we can guarantee.


Regular Parcel
Expedited Parcel
Xpresspost Certified
Library Books
Expedited Parcel USA
Priority Worldwide Envelope USA
Priority Worldwide pak USA
Priority Worldwide Parcel USA
Small Packet USA Air
Tracked Packet – USA
Tracked Packet – USA (LVM)
Xpresspost USA
Xpresspost International
International Parcel Air
International Parcel Surface
Priority Worldwide Envelope Int’l
Priority Worldwide pak Int’l’
Priority Worldwide parcel Int’l
Small Packet International Air
Small Packet International Surface
Tracked Packet – International

Options for Canada Post:

  • Signature
  • Coverage
  • COD
  • Proof of age required- 18
  • Proof of age required- 19
  • Card for Pick Up
  • Do not safe drop
  • Leave at door – Do not Card

Need to add more than one origin Zip Code / Post Code for shipping?

Now you can use multiple origin Zip Codes / Post Codes ( drop shipping )

There are two options to choose from:

*Set up a global origin zip code / post code ( standard method now available in most shipping plugins )
*Or add a (one) origin Zip Code / Post Code at a product level.

You can use this shipping plugin for multi vendor functionality. You have vendors selling their products on your website, you can set up their products with there own origin Zip Code / Post Code.

This plugin will allow you to offer different services, for instance, Ground, Express, International.
Shipping rates will be provided for all the shipping services enabled, you could have five different origin Zip Codes / Post Code set up, rates will be combined together at the cart / checkout to offer the correct drop shipping rate.

As an example for a Ground shipping service:

Product A is shipped from 90213 shipping to 19026 the cost is $12.00
Product B is shipped from 08360 shipping to 19026 the cost is $9.00
Product C is shipped from 90210 shipping to 19026 the cost is $12.40
Product D is shipped from 63005 shipping to 19026 the cost is $12.00

Total Ground shipping cost is $45.40

What this plugin will allow you to set up:

Let’s just say you have four different Warehouses, each warehouse has it’s own origin. You can set up in the product area where the product will start the shipment from.
This will save your customers money as it is going to provide a true shipping rate.

This plugin can also be used with other multiple origin Zip Code / Post Codes ( drop shipping ) plugins at the same time, for instance you can use USPS and UPS at the same time with your products set up to ship from the warehouses they are located at.

*Origin Zip Codes/ Post Codes must be in the same country. You cannot set up multiple origin Zip Codes / Post Codes in different countries.

You can also add:

Amount for Coverage: coverage (liability coverage)
A service offered by Canada Post that provides compensation for the loss, mishandling or damage of a mailable item.

Once activated, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping Methods.
Choose the method from the list at the top of the screen.
Configure the shipping method:
Origin Postcode – Should be set to the postcode from where your shipping will start.
Enter your Contract ID: To Calculate Commercial prices
Enter your API key: The api key to use the Canada Post Service
Enter your Customer ID: The Canada Post customer account ID
Shipping by Commercial Product: Tick this option to receive Commercial rates.
Ensure your products are in the correct format:
The customer must create a custom box when using per order shipping.
All non-virtual products need weight and dimensions set – without this no shipping will be calculated

You can view our WooCommerce Canada Post “How to Set Up Our WooCommerce Canada Post Video Tutorial” here: WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Extension

Extensions tested on a Single Site Installation, multisite installations not recommended.

[iconbox icon=”icon-info2″ iconsize=”48px” color=”#ffffff” background=”#000000″ hcolor=”#ffffff”]Compatible up to WooCommerce Version 7.1.X
Requires at least WordPress: 3.5, Tested up to WordPress 6.1.X, Compatible up to PHP 7.4.30[/iconbox]


The box packer is volume based. This will in most cases provide good results, but will never be as accurate as a real person packing a box (see BIN Packing Problem) therefore it is important you understand that packing results are as accurate as they can be and any anomalies should be accepted.)

3 reviews for WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Plugin

  1. doctordeals

    Works like a treat, Support were very helpful and attentive, l would recommend this plugin.

  2. Judy Clements

    I have used this plugin on many of my customers websites where they need to offer Canada Post Live rates, it works brilliantly. 5 stars

  3. Jeremy Stock

    This plugin has saved me many hours of work. I now know l can trust ExtensionWorks and this plugin works!

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