Category: Shipping Extensions

  • WooCommerce myToll shipping plugin


    We are now selling our WooCommerce myToll shipping plugin, this plugin will provide real time rates using the TOLL API. All you need is a Toll account. The plugin can be purchased here: Read more

  • Fastway AU, NZ, Ireland (FastLabel 1) to be retired in 2021


    Fastway are now known as Aramex. It was bought to our attention that the Fastway AU, NZ and Ireland API, which is called FastLabel 1 was to be retired early 2021, well we are now at the end of 2021, December infact and it appears the FastLabel 1 API is still operational. We have finished… Read more

  • Increase your profit and simplify shipping

    Increase your profit and simplify shipping

    What percentage of shoppers do you think browse an online store, select products and then get to the checkout process and abandon the shopping cart? Thirty-percent? Forty? On average more than 67% [i] of shoppers abandon their cart before purchase. This means that you might be missing out on two thirds of your potential sales.… Read more