WooCommerce MyToll shipping plugin

Provide realtime shipping costs to your website customers using the Toll API. The plugin will provide rates only, it does not create consignments or shipping labels.

Need to set up a Toll account? Please visit here to set up a Toll account: https://www.tollgroup.com/contact-us/service-enquiry-freight

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Requires a Toll account. You will need to have ‘Toll Account Code'(Customer Number). The account code needs to be provided by Toll, verified Toll account.
Website set up for local Australia wide shipping only
Website set up with Australia as the base/origin country
Dimensions and weight units set up as centimetres and kilograms

The WooCommerce Toll B2B shipping plugin works with the WooCommerce shipping zones.

Please make sure if you would like the Toll shipping option to be your highest priority then it will need to be placed at the top of the WooCommerce shipping zones.

The plugin will provide rates using the products dimensions and weight.

WordPress and WooCommerce Requirements

[iconbox icon=”icon-info2″ iconsize=”48px” color=”#ffffff” background=”#000000″ hcolor=”#ffffff”]Compatible up to WooCommerce Version 6.3.X
Requires at least: 3.5, Tested up to WordPress 5.9.X, Compatible up to PHP 7.4.30[/iconbox]