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Using this plugin you will be able to generate Fastway AU (Australia), Fast Label, shipping labels.

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System Requirements

  • Need to be using our WooCommerce Fastway AU shipping plugin.
  • A Fastway Fastlabel account. You need to have your own Fastway API Key and permission to use the Fast Label API.
  • More information can be found here: API key, Gain access to the Fast Label API
  • A website set up using the currency Australian Dollars
  • Origin Country set up as Australia.


Using this plugin you will be able to generate a Fastway AU FastLabel, shipping labels. This plugin is going to save you valuable time.

When an order is completed in WooCommerce, right from the orders page you can print a shipping label to attach to your box.

You have the ability to print a label in the following formats

1, Onto an A4 sheet of paper.

2, Onto a 4″ x 6″ sticky label(compatible for thermal printer).

The shipping label has all the relevant information that Fastway need to ship your parcel.

You can also print a label from your Fastway ( under FastLabel) account the plugin will generate a consignment and manifest in your Fastway customer portal account from here you can set up your printer settings in your au/zafastwaycustomer.com account.

You will not need to copy/paste all the customer’s information to create a consignment. This way you can print a label using the 4″ x 6″ format on a thermal printer inside of your Fastway account.
Fastway Account Printer Settings can be found here:

Got to your Fastway account, log in > Fast Label > New Consignment > Settings

*ONLY compatible with the WooCommerce Fastway AU ( Australia ) shipping plugins.

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Compatible with these versions WooCommerce 3.6.X , WordPress 5.2.X

2 reviews for WooCommerce Fastway AU Label plugin

  1. Paul M

    Thank you ExtensionWorks, l had asked a developer to build this part of the Fastway API and he failed miserably, you passed. 🙂

  2. Toby (verified user)

    Finally a WooCommerce Fastway plugin that l can use to produce Fastway shipping labels. I can use this plugin numerous ways to generate a label, at the end of the day though it is saving me time. ExtensionWorks you are brilliant.

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