I am eternally grateful for the endless amount of help Nicole gave me. This is the first website I have ever made and so EVERYTHING is new. Nicole helped me over and over and over again figure out how to use her program. I am sure to anyone else the extension would be simple but due to my naiveté but she kept helping me and even went into my website to sort out a kink. Thank you so much Nicole. It truly does amaze me that in a world where so much is automated that you took the time to really help me out. For all those out there worried that they will be lost adding any of these extensions, just know that you have some incredible support at your side.


I didn’t realize you were in Australia. Thank you for the link. That was exactly what I needed.

W Kip Speyer

Nicole Lee is amazing. I adore her and all of the help she has been for me. I think what I like best is that Nicole was able to diffuse my emotionally charged requests and get to the details quickly. How great is that?!


Has been quick and always resolved my issue well.

David Ashkanasy

Thank you for your timely responses.

Feride Buyuran

Nicole is awesome. She nailed the issue and the answer perfectly.

William Lanni

I have been dealing with Extension Works for over 12 months now and I am always 100% satisfied. The best part is I know that I can always rely on the incredible support offered. With over 100 clients I cannot afford to deal with a company who offers poor support. Extension Works is easily the best plugin/addon company in the world. Brilliant! Thank you (special thanks to Nicole).

Tracey Munn

I’ve purchase commonwealth bank gateway and I must say that the support team are really helpful! They help me install the extension from start to finish and always follow up the result of their support. They even help me test it after the installation! The function work smoothly and fine. Thanks to extentionworks, my website is perfectly finish because of you! 🙂

David Veksler

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